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6 Steps in Guided Reading

I get asked all the time what is the BEST way to teach guided reading.

After many years in the classroom and as a Literacy Collaborative Coordinator, I've narrowed down the best Guided Reading lessons down to 6 steps.

The best part?

These 6 steps can be used at ANY Guided Reading level, offering consistency across levels!!

That's it!  It can really be that simple!!  

If you would like to learn more about each step and see examples, you are welcome to sign up for the FREE Guided Reading Webinar by clicking the image below.  

The FREE webinar is about one hour long.  I provide a certificate of participation, along with my own notes!

7 Reasons to use the Research Based Reading Intervention Program!

Are you in need of a Reading Intervention Program that is RESEARCH BASED!?

This research based reading intervention program is AMAZING because:

1. EVERY STUDENT in your classroom can make gains as readers: below level, on level, and advanced readers will work at their instructional levels!

**** Click to watch the FREE webinar and learn creative ways to make interventions work for every reader!

2. It includes the MOST IMPORTANT components of reading: fluency, comprehension, word work, and vocabulary practice!

3. It can be implemented in a variety of formats!  (small group, one-on-one, whole group, within guided reading, in a literature circle.)

**** Learn more about how teachers are using the program by downloading the FREE resource:

4. It's so simple and effective that aides or parent volunteers can easily be trained to implement with fidelity.

5. It includes running records, teacher comprehension pages, and progress monitoring to show growth!

6. It includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED, including fiction and nonfiction passages students love!

**** To see a FREE sample passage and all the components that go along with each passage click the image below:


**** Click the image to download the FREE resource that includes all the data from the pilot team that helped develop the research to prove the effectiveness of The Reading Intervention Program!

To See all the Sets available in The Reading Intervention Program click the image below!