Out of This World Literacy : Guided Reading Level O is Posted!!
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Guided Reading Level O is Posted!!

I just finished and posted Guided  Reading Level O...wahoo!!!  I am taking more and more time with each unit and I think they are turning out awesome!  Of course the most important part is the research that I do to create the objectives with the Common Core Standards.  But, my favorite part is creating the graphic organizers.  I love using all kinds of creative clip art to make them motivating and engaging for students.  This resource has 37 different graphic organizers that match the objectives taught in the guided reading lesson.  There are 147 pages in all!

As promised, this resource will be marked down 20% through Thursday.  I am taking a day or two off and then starting up the research for Level P.  Thank you all for your kind words and encouragment as I work away:)


  1. You are awesome! I'll be going to snag this one up too! It's great even for my 4th graders because they aren't all on grade level...
    ideas by jivey

  2. Thanks Jessica! I'm working my way up to fourth grade:) I hope this will be really helpful for your struggling readers!!