Out of This World Literacy : Grade 2 Guided Reading Bundle Posted and on SALE!!
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Grade 2 Guided Reading Bundle Posted and on SALE!!

Wahoo!  I am sooooo excited to announce that the Grade 2 guided reading bundle is finished!!  It is 597 pages of four guided reading levels (I-L).  It includes 100's of teaching objectives, I Can statements, printable graphic organizers, and so much more!  There are also 160 suggested book titles in fiction and nonfiction!  It was such a whopper it took over an hour just to upload!!

Thank you all for your patience as I worked through these levels.  I really try to make these the best resources I can.  Up next are some fun end-of-the year writing projects.  And then I am starting grade 4 guided reading (levels Q-S). 

You will save $10.00 by purchasing the grade 2 bundle instead of buying all four levels separate.  You can also save an additional 20% now through tomorrow (March 24).  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!


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