Out of This World Literacy : Two Down...Two to go!!
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Two Down...Two to go!!

Well friends,

I just posted Level J...Hooray!!!  Even though these resources are massive amounts of work, I am having so much fun creating them!  I especially like making the graphic organizers.  As promised, Level J is ON SALE through Saturday (March 9) for 20% off! 

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement as I push through the next two levels.  Also, thank you for your patience and understanding.  I would rather take my time and do quality work than rush to get these out.

You are all the BEST!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love these Guided Reading Levels you are making. I own M-P. I am doing my best to wait until I-L is finished before purchasing, but may not be able to wait. These are amazing and your work is quality. I am so thankful to have this resource. It will be amazing to start next year. with the Resources for levels I-T from you. Do you have any plans for doing 1st and 5th grade as well?