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Hello Friends!!

I hope you all are enjoying a restful and relaxing Saturday morning.  I am off soon to watch my son play flag football.  He is 9 and it is just so much fun to watch him play! 

I wanted to send out a quick blog for two reasons.  First, I need your suggestions!!!  I am super excited to start a new set of resources that will support the units of study I have created.  If you are not familiar with my units of study, they are month-long reading and writing units that focus on specific genres.  They include 20 reading and 20 writing mini lessons, with extensive details for each lesson included. 

So, this is where I need your help.  I am planning to create a supplemental set of resources for each unit.  Here is what I plan to include so far:

1. Printable graphic organizers for every reading lesson (great for assessment!)
2. Printable writing organizers for each stage of the writing process
3. Grading rubrics for the final writing piece
4. ?
5. ?
and so on...

If you purchase and use my units in your classroom and have any suggestions for me I would REALLY appreciate leaving me a comment.  I want to make these resources the most practical and useful for everyone!  Thank you!!

Second, if you haven't found them already, I have created three super fun end of the year resources.  My fifth graders and I are working on the time capsule writing unit right now.  It is so much fun and the kids are having a blast writing to their future selves!! 

I plan to start the reading review unit this Monday.  I made all the graphic organizers into a bound reading memory book.  I even included a couple of blank pages in the back for students to leave reading tips for their friends!

Finally, this last resource is called leave a note for the new kid.  This is so much fun!  Students fill out a questionairre about their teacher and classroom.  They leave the note in their old desk for next year's student to read.  I have done this for several years and it is always so much fun to see what the kids write!  It is also very fun to see the new kids find them at the beginning of the school year.

I hope everyone is hanging in there as they wrap up another school year.  I have 5 weeks left and I'm counting the days!!

Best Wishes to all!

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