Out of This World Literacy : 12 Freebies and a HUGE SALE!!
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12 Freebies and a HUGE SALE!!

Hello friends!

I am so excited to share with you that I spent my entire weekend putting together a bunch of free resources!  Each one of these free resources includes one or two reading/writing lessons and printable assessments.  They are all part of larger units available.  You can click on the images within each free resource to see many more common core lessons and printable resources!

Click on the images below to find these, and even MORE new FREE resources in my store!!  

      Interactive Notebook Lessons for Common Core Reading {Grae 5}  


Also, Teachers Pay Teachers is celebrating a great milestone this week.  They have reached 3 million subscribers!!  Wow, it's hard to wrap my brain around how big that number is!  That is 3 million teachers working together to create the very best classrooms possible for our students.  Talk about one big group of phenomenal collaborators!!

So, this Thursday (2/27) and Friday (2/28) you can enjoy 28% off all the resources in my store and in many other stores on the site!!

Click on the image below to start filling up your wishlist and get ready for the big sale!

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