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Reading Intervention Program for Big Kids

Hello teacher friends!!

I have been looking for a reading intervention program for my fifth grader at home to help him boost his reading fluency and comprehension.

There was so much out there for the primary years, but I couldn't find anything that included both fluency and comprehension for older kids.

So I decided to make my own!

My son is loving all the reading passages and the fun ways this program allows him to practice reading each day.  

And I am loving that I can track his progress in reading!  3 Running Records on One Page!!!

I made the teacher pages simple to understand so that any tutor, parent volunteer, or home school parent could administer this intervention as well!

As a teacher, I know how stretched we are for time.  There are so many kids in our class that need extra help with reading, but we don't have the time for all the interventions.  This program makes it easy for aides, tutors, volunteers, and even older student mentors to help too!!  We can reach more students' reading intervention needs!

And Progress Monitor!!

What's Included:

1. 20 reading passages with appropriate content and language for upper elementary struggling reader or lower elementary advanced readers.

2. Teacher/tutor fluency page with clear directions, running record with word count, and space for scoring fluency skills.

3.Reading passages in 4 different student-friendly formats

4. Targeted comprehension questions for each passage

5. Targeted word work activities for each passage

6. 5 bolded vocabulary in each passage, with space for students to define each word

7. Teacher/tutor comprehension, word work, and vocabulary instruction pages with space to collect data and additional comprehension questions for guided instruction

8. Progress monitoring pages for teachers/tutors to track student growth with fluency, comprehension, word work, and vocabulary.

Suggested Use for Each Grade Level:

Grade 2: 

Use as an advanced intervention with your strong readers who need to be taken to the next level.

Grade 3:

Use as extra practice for your average, grade-level readers.

Grade 4:

Use as an intervention with those students who are slightly below grade level and need a little extra boost.

Grade 5:

Use as an intervention with those readers who have fallen about a year behind grade level in reading fluency and/or comprehension.

Grade 6:

Use as an intervention with the most struggling readers who have fallen significantly below grade level.

I hope you and yours kids can use this intervention program and I wish you a ton of reading success!!!

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