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Shark Tank Upcycling Project

Hello friends! 

I am so excited to share a project that I am working on with my kids over the next few weeks. 

I really wanted to teach them about how to become an entrepreneur. I believe everyone has the ability to create and contribute something great in this world! 

And motivating my kids to believe that in themselves is huge!


We all love the show, Shark Tank and I am passionate about upcycling. 

So I thought, why not combine the two ideas into one great project!?!? 

I am going to be posting a few blog posts to show you how our project is moving along. 

I first began by collecting a bunch of recycled products. Instead of recycling them, I just washed them out and saved them!

Next, I explained the concept to my kids.  I told them they were going to design a useful product, using these core recycled materials.  They could make a list a additional resources they need and I will pick them up (things like, spray paint, string, duct tape, etc)

I suggested ideas, such as products for the classroom, recess games, and organizational products.

The kids were so very excited to get their hands on the raw materials!!!

Lastly, I told the kids that they will be presenting their product to the Sharks (my husband, my neighbors, and myself!)

They are required to make one power point slide with their company name and logo (we will learn how to create logos and think carefully about business names).

They are also required to create a poster, displaying their product name, business name, logo, details, and marketing strategies.  

Of course there will need to be at least one prototype of the product for the Sharks to see.
And they MUST dress up for their presentation.

Currently, the kids are designing their products and thinking of business names.  They are so excited, and nervous, to present to the Sharks.  No deals are guaranteed!  

I will post more pictures as the work continues.  Here are a few motivational images we are using to make sure we do our best!!!

I have never seen my kids more motivated!!  I can't wait to share more of this project with y'all!!

Happy Teaching!

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