Out of This World Literacy : April 2015
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Free Tutoring Forms & Tips!

Hello Friends!

I have been working on getting ready for the summer tutoring season and thought I would share some things I am working on with you all.

One of the first things I do when I get a new tutoring student is have a conversation with the parents. 

It's so crucial to gain as much information about the child before tutoring begins so that I can immediately start meeting the child's learning needs.  

Here is a form I use to help guide me through conversations with new parents I meet.

Once a parent decides to go ahead and begin tutoring services with me, I have them complete the following contract.  

This just reminds us both of the expectations we have for tutoring.

I use the following forms to survey students' reading and writing interest levels the first time we meet. 

It really gives me great insight into how they feel about themselves as readers and writers.

For the younger kids, I just read the questions and ask their opinions. 

This last form I use to send home with the students after each visit.  

It is just a quick way for parents to see what we learned in our tutoring sessions.  

Parents love to stay informed of any and all progress we make!

I hope these forms can help you as a tutor!  

If you are looking for some curriculum for your tutoring sessions, CLICK on the images below to see the Reading Intervention Program!

Best of luck and happy teaching to you all!!