Out of This World Literacy : October 2015
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Hello Friends!

I am so excited to announce that I finally have a newsletter!  Wahooo!!!  

It took me many weeks of learning how to actually set this up and I am so excited to say I finally did it!  

I had a ton of help from webinars and some good buddies too.

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Guided Reading Curriculum

Hi Friends!

I know many of you are finished assessing students and are starting up guided reading and strategy groups this month.  

I wanted to take a minute and show you a glimpse into how I teach guided reading and strategy groups.

If you would like to read about the steps in a guided reading lesson that I follow, you can check out this blog post I wrote: 

It's an 'oldie, but goodie' post!  It even has my old blog design on the cover... haha.  But, I promise you it's worth the read if you need more direction on where to begin.  

*** I use tabletop cards for all my lessons.  Here, you can see a level U example.  On the teacher side is a list of questions that are specific to the guided reading objective I am teaching that day.  The questions can be asked of any text that is a level U!   You can also see the CCSS at the bottom...  

*** On the student side of the tabletop is an 'I CAN' statement of the daily objective.   These are available in both color and B&W...

*** Every level has fiction, nonfiction, and word work objectives specific to what a reader at that level needs instructional support with.  Here is an example of a few objectives, discussion questions, and CCSS for a level U reader... 

*** I also use graphic organizers for students to practice the skills we are learning in our guided reading and strategy groups.  Some students may be able to work independently, while others may need more instructional help.  These organizers are great to continue helping struggling readers and for assessment!  There is a graphic organizer for every single objective!! 

*** I hope you find these images helpful!

*** You can click on any one of them and download some free previews to see more.  

*** Levels are currently available from I-V.  I will be adding lower levels in the future!!