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5 Learning Activities for Valentine's Day

Hello Friends!

I'm getting excited for Valentine's Day!  But all the candy and hype can make the kids a bit edgy and disrupt learning!  

Check out these five fun Valentine's Day themed learning activities to keep kids engaged, learning, and having some fun of course!

1. Start a Writing Project

Kids always have so much to say, especially when it comes to candy and friends!  Why not turn their talk into writing?  

Here are some fun topic ideas for writing during Valentine's Day:

        * The Perfect Valentine Box (informational/how-to)

        * The Candy that Got Away (fantasy)

        * My Favorite Valentine Memory (personal narrative)

        * Why Valentine's Day Should Never End! (opinion/persuasive)

These are just a few topic ideas.  If you want to see a complete two-week writing project, with lessons, prewriting organizers, revising and editing sheets, grading rubrics and more, click on the image below!

2. Study Grammar With Valentine Sentences

Teach students how to notice what works well in sentences by having them list all the things that are working well in Valentine themed sentences!

You can make up your own format and sentences, or grab this set of 20 that are ready to go!  Click on the image.  

3. Practice Word Work Skills with a Valentine's Day Theme

Kids love it when their learning has a taste of what they love too, so why not let them enjoy some fun word work in literacy centers that has a Valentine's Day theme?  

Here are a few ideas:

* Buy sticky foam hearts at the Dollar Store and have students write their spelling words on them and stick them to a piece piece of construction paper.

* have students write one letter on each foam heart, mix them up, and see how many words they can make with the letters.  Have them write the list of words on a piece of paper.  They could even have columns for two letter words, three letter words, and so on.  Make a rule that they must use all the letters to make a word if you want it to be really challenging!

If you would like some fun word work pages for Valentine's Day that are ready to go, click the image below!

4. Have fun with Valentine's Day Learning Games

All kids love games!  Why not make learning fun, with games during Valentine's Day!?

Here are a few ideas:

* Write words on foam hearts that match each other in pairs.  For example the singular and plural form of one word.  Then play a memory game, matching singular and plural words.

* Cut hearts the size of playing cards out of pink, purple, and red construction paper.  Write a variety of words from different parts of speech, one on each card.  Then play parts of speech go find a heart (same rules as go fish).  "Do you have a noun?"  "Nope! go find a heart!"

For a fun contraction matching game that's ready to go, click on the image!

5. Review Reading Terms with a Valentine's Day Theme

This is a super fun and FREE resource for reviewing key reading comprehension vocabulary.  There is even a test at the end for assessing!

If you like all these ideas, you can grab them in a money-saving bundle here!

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's season full of fun and learning!!

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