Out of This World Literacy : 3 Easy Steps to Keep Kids Reading at Home and Over Summer
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3 Easy Steps to Keep Kids Reading at Home and Over Summer

Hello Friends,

Here are 3 easy steps for keeping kids reading at home, especially over the summer months!

We all have seen that summer slip, where students return in the fall with lower reading levels than they left in the spring.

The purpose of this resource is to encourage students and parents to do the one thing that's most important to becoming a better reader, or simply maintaining reading skills,

and that is.....

Spending Time Reading!  

STEP ONE: Convince parents and students of the importance of reading every day, especially during those summer months.

STEP TWO: Make a plan and stick to it!  Help students set goals and stick to their reading plans with this contract!

STEP THREE:  Stick to your plan and keep yourself accountable with a reading log.  Bring it to school the first day back and impress your teacher!  Parents, offer rewards and encouragement for each book read!  Ice cream seems to always do the trick!  :) 

That's It!  Let's help kids retain what they learn in school by encouraging them to read at home!

If you need help getting kids reading at home, and want to track their reading progress, check out the Reading Intervention Program for grades K-12!  

It's designed for teachers, parents, and tutors to implement and includes everything you need!

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