Out of This World Literacy : 3 Ideas for Using FREE Reading Comprehension Plot Cards from Jen Bengel
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3 Ideas for Using FREE Reading Comprehension Plot Cards from Jen Bengel

Hello Everyone!

Do you use Reading Comprehension Cards in your classroom?  

They are a great way to get students to share some of their thinking before, during, and after reading!

This FREE resource has been downloaded over 56,000 times!

3 Ideas for Using Plot Reading Response Cards:

1.  Leave several laminated sets of plot cards in baggies near the classroom library or in a reading center.  Have students copy a few of the questions and write their answers on looseleaf or in a notebook.  This is a great way to save paper!

2.  Laminate sets of plot question cards.  Have students answer the questions, referencing the book they are currently reading.  Students can write their answers with a dry erase marker on the back of each card.  They can then share their answers with a partner, the class, or in a small group.

3.  Send each student home with a set of cards, or a few questions each week.  For homework, tell the students they must answer the questions by talking about the books they are reading with their parents, grandparents, siblings, babysitter, or anyone at home.  Instruct them to write some notes from their conversations on the back of the cards and return them to school.

I hope you and your students enjoy using these reading comprehension cards in your classroom!

If you are looking for more Reading Comprehension Question Cards, you can click the image to see all the different comprehension skills covered in this bundle!

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