Out of This World Literacy : 4 Creative Ways to Use Vocabulary Placemats, and a FREE Resource!
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4 Creative Ways to Use Vocabulary Placemats, and a FREE Resource!

Downloaded nearly 11,000 times, these free vocabulary placemats are great for any subject to use over and over again!

4 Creative Ways to Use the Vocabulary Placemats:

1.  Print the mats on color cardstock and laminate them to be used over and over again.  Put the mats in a literacy center for students to think deeply about their vocabulary.  Students can complete the mats for each of their vocabulary words, writing with a dry erase marker.  

2. Use the mats during guided reading.  Choose a few vocabulary words from the book you are reading together and complete the mats as a group during the word work portion of your guided reading lesson.

3. In Science or Social Studies class, assign a list of words for students to complete vocabulary mats for.  Assign each student a different word.  After the mats are completed allow students to teach their peers the word they studied.

4.  Create a class bulletin board with completed vocabulary mats.  Make the board interactive by placing blank copies nearby and changing out the words that are displayed each week!  As a class, try to use your new words in conversations all week!

I hope you can find lots of uses for these vocabulary placemats!!

If you are looking for additional word work for your class click on the image below!

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