Out of This World Literacy : 5 Ways to Use Exit Slips PLUS Free Exit Slip Forms!
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5 Ways to Use Exit Slips PLUS Free Exit Slip Forms!

Hello again friends!

Exit slips are a great way to do a quick check on students' learning, and hold them accountable for sharing their new learning.  They are also a great way to make a home-school connection.

5 Ways to Use Exit Slips:

1.  Give students 5 minutes at the end of class to turn and talk, sharing what they wrote on their exit slips.  Then, have each student initial their partner's slip at the top.  Collect them in a basket by the door.

2.  Send exit slips home with students a few times a week.  Tell students to share their new learning from the exit slips with someone at home (parent, grandparent, babysitter, neighbor, etc.).  Ask them to write a few sentences on the back, explaining who they talked to and details from the conversation.  Return them to school the next day for a participation/homework grade.

3. Have students make a collage of their exit slips from the week by gluing them on large poster or construction paper.  Ask them to circle the most surprising thing they learned all week, and put a square around the favorite thing they learned.  They can share their posters with the class, partners, in small groups, or take them home to share.

4. Use the half sheets as bookmarks for the week.  Have students 'stop and share' their new learning from the bookmarks throughout the week.

5. Play a class game, where you pass each exit slip around the room.  Students read each classmates' new learning, and write little notes about it on the back of the page.  Everyone will get their own exit slip back and be excited to read comments from friends on the back!

I hope you have found these ideas helpful and enjoy the free download.  

If your are looking for other great assessments and class work, check out this No Prep Common Core line of literacy resources perfect for grades 2-6.  

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