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Reading Comprehension FREE Spring Activities!

Hello Friends!!!  

Spring is in the air and I thought I would share some of my very favorite and free spring activities and reading comprehension ideas with y'all!

Ideas to use the "What's the Buzz Cards"

1. Have kids use these cute little cards as bookmarks.  They can jot down a few ideas as they read and never lose their page! 

2. Use them as an exit slip, as a quick comprehension check that each student is understanding what he/she has read that day.

3. Give students 5 minutes are the end of reading class to grab a partner and share what they wrote on their cards.  You can even have them write notes on their discussion on the back of the cards.

4. Have students ask themselves a question on the front of the card.  Tell them to try and answer their question on the back.  This makes a great quick assessment and helps kids remember they should always be asking and answering questions while reading.

Ideas to Use the"Tweet About It" Cards

1. Have kids hashtag their thinking from reading.  Let them get creative and have fun!!

2. Write a note about their reading to a friend!

3. Leave a note about the book in the classroom library as a book recommendation to friends.

4. Take the note home as a conversation starter with parents about what students read at school.

I hope you and your students have fun with these cards and ideas to use them.  Leave a comment if you are using them another way too!

If you would like more Reading Comprehension Work for your kids, check out these Resources!

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