Out of This World Literacy : How to Use Interventions in Guided Reading
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How to Use Interventions in Guided Reading

Have you ever felt stressed with trying to fit in all your lessons into the day?

Ever feel like there is just not enough time to meet all your students at their instructional levels?

This blog post will give you two very practical and easy ways to incorporate your interventions into guided reading groups!

There are two ways that you can easily use interventions during guided reading.

BUT, first let's talk a bit about guided reading and why interventions are SO amazing to use during this time!


  1. thanks for this resource! I teach special ed and am trying to figure out how to teach the many levels of my students. Hopefully this is a better way to organize and create mini lessons geared to each individual student.

  2. Hi Jen:

    On the fluency part...would you spread this over a 3 day period? Thanks so much!